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tech inspection

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  • All loose objects are removed from the interior of the car and trunk.

  • Front / Rear suspension is in good operating condition per testing.

  • Front / Rear tire pressure is noted – tread depth measurable. No cords or belts showing.

  • All snap on and detachable bodywork is removed.

  • Battery is tied down and secured. No bungies. Hot terminal is insulated.

  • Positive, quick, and safe throttle return. No fuel leaks. Fuel cap is tight.

  • Brake fluid, steering fluid, and coolant levels are optimized and fresh. Belts and hoses are tight.

  • Choice of oil is noted and level optimized. (recommend heavier weight oil for track day)

  • No excessive fluid leaks are observed with or without the engine running.

  • No cracks in wheels. All lug nuts are present and torqued.

  • No large cracks in the windshield.

  • Driver’s seat and seat belts are tight and secure with adequate hardware.


Driver's restraint (harness) is 3pt, 5pt or 6pt (4pt harnesses are not allowed)

  • No excessive play is observable in steering. Ball joints are in good condition.

  • Good brake pedal pressure. No cracks in brake rotors. Brake pads are less than ½ worn.

  • Traction control systems, radios, and other electrical devices are disconnected or turned “off”.

  • Side mirrors are moveable and adjustable.

  • Driver has a DOT or Snell approved helmet that FITS snugly.

  • Driver has gloves with leather, or non-slip palms.

  • Driver has closed toe shoes that completely cover the foot – No sandals.

  • Driver has comfortable and unrestrictive clothing – Long pants required, no shorts.