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payment - Refund - cancellation policy


• Full Payment is due at time of registration for all school events. Registration and payment should be made online at MotorsportReg.com



If FAASST cancels your school date, you are entitled to a FULL refund of monies paid, OR you may use monies paid to purchase items from the Team Faasst Online Store OR you may re-schedule and move your school registration to another venue / date.
If YOU cancel your school date AT LEAST 30 DAYS BEFORE EVENT DATE, you may receive a refund or reschedule to another school date.

If YOU cancel your school date 29 DAYS OR LESS BEFORE EVENT DATE, you may not receive a refund, but my reschedule to another school date.
• If you are a no-show on your registered school date, you forfeit all monies paid. No exceptions. We are not responsible for medical emergencies, business conflicts, canceled flights, weather or any unforeseen changes in your plans that prevent you from attending on the day you reserved.

In case of rain, our school WILL proceed as scheduled. If you choose not to participate in the rain, you will be treated as a no show.


Gift Certificates:

• Gift Certificates are NON REFUNDABLE and are good until redeemed or the expiration date shown on the certificate. Gift Certificates cannot be sold, re-assigned or exchanged. No exceptions.




FAASST offers current students and graduates a 10% discount on racing gear, accessories, and high performance equipment; you may purchase from the Team Faasst Online Store on our website, or order by phone - 719.377.4017

These policies are subject to change and policy changes are posted to the FAQ section of our website: www.faasst.com. All schools are subject to availability.